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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) questioned Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about Turkey buying S-400 missiles, the German-Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, and defeating ISIS.

Pompeo testified at today’s Senate Committee on Foreign Relations hearing.

On Iranian Oil Sanctions and Turkey Buying S-400 Missiles:

“Thank you very much for being here. I just wanted to add my voice to Senator Cruz’s. Twenty-one of us sent a letter to President Trump last month on Iran oil sanctions as you were just saying.

“Eighty percent of Iran’s revenues come from oil exports. I think the more we can do to shut that down as quickly as possible, the more important it is, especially with the new waivers perhaps happening as early as next month.

“So thank you for that attention to that issue.

“I want to switch to Turkey and the S-400 and the issues that are going on there.

“Now you and I had a chance to talk about this a couple of weeks ago. I’m very concerned about Turkey’s plan to obtain the S-400, the surface to air missile defense systems from Russia. They want to do that in July.

“I would recommend to you an editorial in the New York Times today, ‘A U.N. fighter jet or a Russian missile system, not both’ by Senator Risch, Senator Menendez, the ranking members of this committee, as well as by Senators Inhofe and Reed, who are the ranking member and chair of the Armed Services Committee.

“Turkey’s purchase of the S-400 reduces the interoperability with allies and poses a serious threat to the security of F-35 fighter jets and the entire NATO system. A number of us were visiting a number of NATO countries over the last couple of weeks—great concern over that.

“I know the secretary general who celebrated the 70th anniversary of NATO with us in the joint session of Congress has similar concerns.

“On April 2 of this year, the U.S. Department of Defense announced it would halt all F-35 equipment transfers to Turkey unless it abandons plans to acquire the S-400 system.

“I would just like for you to give us an overview of the risks to U.S. and NATO security as a result of Turkey trying to integrate the S-400 system and our F-35 fighters into their air defense system?

“Are there consequences that you have in mind that Turkey should face if they do go ahead with that purchase?

Click here for video of Barrasso questioning Pompeo about Iranian oil sanctions and Turkey buying S-400 Missiles.

On German-Russian Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline:

“One of the other topics you and I had a chance to discuss was Nord Stream 2.

“It came up when we were at the Munich Defense Conference and continues to come up for discussion.

“To me, its Putin’s pipeline. It’s a trap. A Russian trap the Germans are seemingly willing to enter into.

“And I would just like your thoughts on are there things Germany has done over the last year to ensure that Nord Stream 2 would either not proceed without guarantees that Russian oil will be able to continue to be exported through Ukraine?

“Because questions were raised earlier about Ukraine and the stability of that country. I think Senator Portman is heading there right after the elections. Some of us were there right before the first round of the elections.

Click here for video of Barrasso questioning Pompeo about German-Russian Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline.

On Defeating ISIS:

“Final question.

“In terms of credible U.S. military success against ISIS, are there things that you can share with us now that the caliphate has been defeated that the administration is shifting in terms of its strategy to deal with insurgents and to rid the region of any kind of additional violent extremism that could do damage with the intention of doing damage to the United States?”

Click here for video of Barrasso questioning Pompeo about defeating ISIS.