Privacy Policy

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The purpose of this site is to better serve the citizens of Wyoming by ensuring clear and continuous communication. Any information I receive on this site will only be used to reply to your questions or comments, and will never be shared with any other entity or organization.  Protecting the personal privacy of all individuals who use the Internet is a high priority of mine and no attempt will be made to track your visit to my web site.

The U.S. Senate does collect aggregate data such as statistics that show which parts of my web site were visited the most. No individual user's visit to any Senate site can be tracked by this information. The Senate posts its own security and privacy notice at the following address:

Please keep in mind the U.S. Senate cannot guarantee the security of the information you submit while it travels across the Internet. If you are concerned about the security of transmitting your information over the Internet, please contact my office through the U.S. Mail at 307 Dirksen Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20510.