Help with Federal Agencies

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I am happy to help Wyoming residents cut through red tape, solve problems and answer questions about federal agencies.

My office will assist you by reaching out to federal agencies on your behalf. You must be a resident of Wyoming.

I cannot guarantee the outcome but will work with you and the agency to improve communication and gather information regarding your case.

To Assist You
My office must have a completed and signed Release of Information Form, usually called a Privacy Release (PR).

The PR gives my office authorization to contact agencies on your behalf and to receive information about your case.

Once you complete the agency appropriate form, return it to one of my state offices with a letter detailing your situation along with any supporting documents.

If you are unable to print from the website, contact one of my Wyoming offices. My staff is happy to send you a form via email or U.S. mail.

Wyoming State Issues and Agencies
For assistance with Wyoming State issues, please contact the Governor’s office or one of your Wyoming Representatives. The State of Wyoming website may also be helpful.

Legal and Court Matters
The Senate Ethics Committee advises Senate offices to refrain from intervening in legal actions. The principal behind such advice is that the judicial system is the appropriate forum for the resolution of legal disputes and should be allowed to function without interference from outside sources. If you require the services of an attorney, you may contact the Wyoming State Bar.

List of Privacy Releases:

General Privacy Release
USCIS Privacy Release
IRS Privacy Release
HIPA VA Privacy Release- For medical issues with the VA