Federal Grant Funding

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Millions of dollars are set aside by federal agencies each year for grant requests from state and local governments, nonprofit social service groups, and community based organizations. This assistance takes many forms, including direct funding, low-interest loans, surplus property, technical advice and assistance, and resources.

Although I am unable to influence the awarding of grant money, my office can provide some resources you can use to find the funds you seek.  Listed below are links to several Web sites that will be helpful to you as you search for granting agencies and prepare your application.

In some cases, I can provide a letter of support for Wyoming organizations and entities applying to federal agencies for grant funding. Wyoming organizations and communities interested in a letter of support and other assistance may submit their request in writing and send it to my office in Cheyenne. Be sure to contact my office well in advance of the application deadline so he has enough to time to provide the necessary support.

In order for me to be an effective advocate for your proposal, it is helpful to have a good understanding of the project and why it is worthy of the specific funding for which you are applying.

  • The title and an executive summary of the project
  • The grant program's name and CFDA number
  • Agency point of contact for the grant
  • A brief description of how this project will benefit the state, region or specific population
  • A list of other community leaders supporting the project