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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) questioned Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, religious freedom, the Iranian arms embargo, and China’s military aggression.

Pompeo testified at today’s Senate Committee on Foreign Relations hearing.

On Nord Stream 2 Pipeline:

“Welcome back Mr. Secretary, good to see you again. I appreciated your comments, opening statement, specifically related to Nord Stream 2, and I wanted to ask a little more about that because we know energy security is essential to national security.

“Nord Stream 2 threatens European energy security, increases Russian monopoly over the region. To me, this pipeline is a Russian trap.

“I strongly support your recent announcement aimed at stopping this dangerous pipeline.

“As you know, Congress is working to quickly provide the administration with additional tools to prevent Nord Stream 2 from ever being completed.

“In the last few weeks, both the Senate and House passed their own versions of the National Defense Authorization Act, includes new bipartisan Nord Stream 2 sanctions.

“Could you talk about the administration’s commitment to opposing the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and applying sanctions against those companies aiding in the completion of this Russian trap?”

Click here for video of Barrasso questioning Pompeo on Russian Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline.

On Iran Arms Embargo:

“Mr. Secretary, I’d like to move now to the Iranian arms embargo.

“The international arms embargo on Iran is set to expire October of this year.

“To my great astonishment, we are having to persuade the international community of the importance of preventing Iran, the world’s leading state sponsor of terror, from purchasing advanced weapons.

“It will dramatically increase the ability of Iran to arm terrorists, proxy groups across the region.

“We’ve seen that more weapons will likely flow to Hamas, the Houthis, Hezbollah in Lebanon.

“Despite the terrible consequences, many experts believe that any extension of the Iranian arms embargo would be vetoed by Russia or by China.

“Why would Russia and China want the Iran arms embargo to expire, and is the Chinese Communist Party really willing to betray global security in order to be Iran’s arms dealer?”

Click here for video of Barrasso questioning Pompeo about Iran Arms Embargo.

On Religious Freedom:

“Sam Brownback, a former member of this body, Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom, recently wrote, ‘Humanity is why religious freedom will always win out against governments and non-state actors seeking to repress and control it.’

“But we have seen around the world authoritarian regimes continuing to attempt to restrict religious freedoms and the rights of individuals.

“Could you discuss efforts the administration has taken to promote international religious freedoms?”

Click here for video of Barrasso questioning Pompeo about religious freedom.

On China Military Modernization:

“Earlier today, you called the Chinese Communist Party the central threat of our times.

“We had your deputy here a couple of weeks ago, had a chance to talk about the issues related to China.

“To me, they’re working to expand their military capabilities to advance their global ambitions, they want to dominate globally.

“The last few months we’ve seen them increase military aggression near Taiwan, the South China Sea, Japan.

“You’ve seen incursions, what they’ve been doing in Hong Kong, what they’ve been doing at home.

“Can you talk about the recent confrontations by China and what that taught us about China’s military ambitions, as well as their capabilities? Because when we go to secure briefings, we ask a lot about their capabilities, not just what they might do, but what they can do.”

Click here for video of Barrasso questioning Pompeo about China’s military aggression.