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CASPER, WY – Today, U.S. Senator John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) released the following statement on the announcement of Judge Kelly H. Rankin as the nominee to serve as the United States District Court Judge for the District of Wyoming.

“Judge Kelly Rankin is an outstanding choice to serve as the U.S. District Court Judge for Wyoming. He has dedicated his career to serving the people of Wyoming and upholding the Constitution. Judge Nancy Freudenthal leaves an incredible legacy that is hard to follow, but I’m confident Judge Rankin is up to the challenge.

“As Chief Magistrate, Kelly has issued hundreds of opinions and regularly assists the 10th Circuit with their caseload. He is well-versed in the issues that will come before the court. Kelly will bring years of valuable experience to the federal bench on day one. With his impressive record of public service and bipartisan support, the Senate should waste no time in approving his nomination.”