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MCALLEN, T.X. – U.S. Senator John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) recently traveled to Texas with six other Republican senators to assess the growing crisis at the southern border.

The senators met with Border Patrol agents, went on a midnight patrol, met with local landowners on the border, and did a helicopter tour over the Rio Grande Valley.

Barrasso said the senators made it a priority to thank the Border Patrol agents for the job they do every day to protect our nation and work to secure our border.

“Thepresident is quick to condemn them [Border Patrol] for doing their job, while he refuses to do his job of protecting the border from the invasion that is coming in from this southern border,” Barrasso said. “President Biden has created a crisis in this country – a humanitarian crisis, a criminal crisis, a national security crisis.”

Barrasso also talked about the tragic uptick in the U.S. death rate relating to fentanyl and illegal narcotics as a result of these drugs crossing into the country at the border.

“The number one cause of death in America today for adults under the age of 45 is drug related, and so much of it is fentanyl coming from across this southern border from Mexico to the United States. Every state has been impacted,” Barrasso said.

Barrasso called on President Biden to finally visit the southern border in person and work with Border Patrol to give them the resources they need to secure the border.

“Yet the Democrats and Joe Biden turn their back, look the other way, refuse to see the tragedy they are bringing to our country as a result of their policies,” Barrasso said. “And Joe Biden still hasn’t been here. He actually hasn’t been to the border since 2008, and that was just a drive-by.”

“I would say to the President of the United States: Show up right here. Talk to these border agents. Listen to them. They know what we need to do to secure the border. You have an obligation and a responsibility to do that and start today,” Barrasso said.

Click here for YouTube video of Sen. Barrasso discussing trip to border at a press conference.