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February 6, 2008 -

Barrasso Sets Wyoming First Agenda on Foreign Relations

Barrasso Named to Top Trade Committee

WASHINGTON - U.S. Senator John Barrasso was named today to the influential Senate Foreign Relations Committee, a key seat for securing significant trade opportunities for Wyoming 's energy and agriculture industries.

"Soda Ash, beef, lamb, wool and sugar beets are key exports for Wyoming .  The export dollars support many Wyoming families' lives and are crucial elements to our economy.  Fighting for fair trade and enhanced exports means more dollars for Wyoming people and communities, bottom line," Barrasso said.

"It's not just 'where's the beef?'….but rather 'Where's Wyoming 's beef, and lamb, trona and sugar?," Barrasso said.  "That's what we are actively going to press when reviewing trade agreements."

His top agenda items include lowering trade barriers to Wyoming and US products, restoring and expanding beef trade with Japan and Korea, positioning Wyoming strongly in international energy markets and addressing the troubling trade deficit with China and India.

"Ours is absolutely a Wyoming First agenda," he said.

Barrasso also serves on two other committees important to Wyoming .  Senate Energy and Natural Resources and Environment and Public Works.

The senator noted that Wyoming 's legacy on the Foreign Relations Committee is considerable. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee oversees international treaties and the foreign policy agencies of the U.S. government, such as the State Department, the U.S. Trade Administration and the U.S. Agency for International Development.

The Ranking Minority Member, Senator Richard Lugar (R-In) praised Barrasso’s appointment.  “John Barrasso will bring a common-sense Western perspective to the Foreign Relations Committee.   In the coming months and years, our committee will address some of the most important issues facing our country.  Senator Barrasso will bring Wyoming values and a fresh perspective to issues ranging from climate change to international trade issues in commodities such as coal, trona, oil and gas, wheat and livestock.”