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WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) spoke on the Senate floor today about the soft-on-crime policies of Democrat led cities and how Republicans will vote to make Washington, D.C. a safer place for all Americans.

Excerpts from Sen. Barrasso’s remarks:

“I come to the floor to talk about the soft-on-crime policies of Democrats in Washington, D.C.

“In 2020, Democrats all across the country started their movement to defund the police. Almost immediately, we saw burning cities across the country, from the east coast all the way to Portland, Oregon.

“Democrat leaders turned their backs on police officers, all across the country. As a result, police officers began to retire or resign, and they did so in record numbers. The results were as painful as they were predictable.

“Violent crime skyrocketed all across America. We saw the fastest murder rate increase in our history. Homicides rose to a 25-year high.

“This is no surprise. If police officers are not able to do their jobs, then the streets of each town in America are not safe.

“Well, today on the floor Senate Republicans are going to act to stop this recklessness.

“Thanks to the leadership of Senator Hagerty, who's leading our discussions and our efforts, Senate Republicans are going to vote to stop Washington, D.C.’s radical new legislation.

“This legislation lets criminals get out of free. Senate Republicans are going to vote to make our nation's capital a safer place to visit, a safer place to live, and a safer place to work.

“Wyoming families ask me all the time if it's safe for them to visit Washington, D.C. or if it's safe for their kids to come to Washington, D.C. for something like history day, an opportunity to see the nation's capital.

“Imagine that. Many American families actually afraid to visit or have their children visit our nation's capital. Liberal cities all across the country have become danger zones.

“Families in Wyoming watch the nightly news. They can't believe their eyes. They see smashed storefronts in New York and in Chicago. They see innocent people getting mugged on the streets. They see it in New York and they see it in Washington, D.C. The cities run by liberals are not safe.

“Across the country, we have hit new records, madam president, for carjackers, for assaults. But instead of backing the blue, Democrats are turning cities into safe havens for criminals. That's exactly what's happened here in Washington, D.C.

“So the city council here in Washington, D.C. recently voted to eliminate mandatory minimum sentences for every crime except first-degree murder. There's a value in mandatory minimum sentences.

“It tells judges the bare minimum punishment for criminal behavior. Mandatory minimum sentence stops liberal judges from going soft and softer on crime.

“It's no wonder that Democrats have waged war on mandatory minimums for at least the last decade. The new D.C. law would also reduce maximum sentences for violent criminals, like carjackers.

“For some gun charges, the maximum sentence would go from 15 years down to less than five. The new crime law in the District of Columbia would mean more violent criminals free to roam the streets of our nation's capital and prey on innocent people.

“Even the liberal ‘Washington Post’ has said that the bill that passed the D.C. City council is a bad idea.

“Carjacking is already a major problem in Washington. We're seeing it in liberal cities all across the nation.

“Carjacking in D.C. has tripled since 2019, and we just heard on the floor of the Senate today that a carjacking has recently taken place right down the street from the capitol building. That's today.

“Under the new criminal code, the maximum sentence for armed carjacking would be cut almost in half. Why would the D.C. City council reward the criminals, the criminals who are creating this chaos in our nation's capital?

“These criminals and the liberal D.C. City councilmembers are driving away tourists from my home state of Wyoming who want to see their nation's capital.

“It's a part of education for so many young people. Democrats in the House got behind the D.C. soft-on-crime policies when over 170 Democrats in the House voted to protect the criminals, not the citizens. So Joe Biden is now trying to hide his soft on crime record.

“He just announced that he will now support our Republican position. This resolution we will soon be voting on will be a victory for every American who wants to feel safe when they visit their nation's capital.

“But Washington, D.C. is just one city. It shouldn't stop here. Democrats' soft-on-crime policies remain in effect in liberal-led cities all across America.

“Democrat lawmakers, and especially Democrat mayors, need to take notice of this action by the United States Senate today.

“It is time to start enforcing the law. It's time to get rid of prosecutors who are weak and prosecutors who are woke.

“They are not helping our country. We need to stand with law enforcement. We need to ensure police officers have the resources that they need to protect our communities.

“The American people overwhelmingly reject the soft-on-crime policies of Democrats in Washington. America is based on the rule of law. Lawlessness should have no place in this nation.

“It's time to stop the crime. Time to stop the chaos. Chaos that we're seeing in cities all across our country.

“Republicans are united by solutions, solutions to make American communities safer. That is what this body is going to vote on today: to improve the security and the safety of those in our nation's capital.”